COSIQ ABP-11% Exfoliate

COSIQ ABP-11% Exfoliate
COSIQ ABP-11% Exfoliate
COSIQ ABP-11% Exfoliate
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MRP inclusive of all taxes (as mentioned on the product package):-   Rs. 499.00 (1 Unit)
mChemist Sale Price indicated on the mChemist web-site is NET of all sale discount and is also inclusive of all taxes
Net Quantity (as mentioned on the product package):-  30 mL
Manufacturer (as mentioned on the product package):- R I Ayurveda Research Labs
36/3A & 3B Dilshad Garden Industrial Area, G T Road New Delhi 110095
AN ISO 9001:2008 & GMP certified manufacturing facility.
Manufacturing License No. EC0116/13/DM
Marketed by(as mentioned on the product package):-  Inlabs Inc. 3/6 Roop Nagar New delhi 110007
Country of Origin (as mentioned on the product package):   Made In India



AHA + BHA + PHA  Gentle Peeling Solution (30 ml) Your first beginner-friendly chemical peel | Chemical Exfoliation that cleanses without damage 
FEATURES: CosIQ brings to you a mild yet effective chemical peeling solution with all three types of Hydroxy Acids that breaks down the glue binding dull, dead skin cells and exfoliates both from the surface and deep inside.

BENEFITS: Exfoliates | Cleanses Pores | Fights Blackheads & Whiteheads | Regulates Sebum Production | Controls Acne Breakouts | Boosts Collagen Production | Accelerates Cell Turnover
Scent & Colour- Unscented, transparent thick & viscous liquid
Texture- Looks like thick gel, causes some tingling on application 
Makes Skin Feel- Tingly, fresh, revitalisedPlease note: Initial redness/dryness on application is normal. Post peel care required. 
Makes Skin Look- Smooth & Glowing, cleansed, glass-like skin
  • Oily Skin: 5/5
  • Dry Skin: 5/5
  • Combination Skin: 5/5
  • Normal Skin: 5/5
  • Acne-Prone Skin: 5/5
Complete Ingredient List: 
Ingredient NameWhat it isActive/Non-ActiveEWG RatingAquaSolventNon-Active1WaterSolventNon-Active1Vaccinium MyrtillusFruit/Leaf ExtractSkin conditioning agentActive1Saccharum Officinarum (SugarCane) ExtractMoisturizer Active1Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) FruitExtractFragrance ingredient, skin-conditioning agentActive2-4 (depends on usage)Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit ExtractMild exfoliating agentActive1-2 (depends on usage)Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) ExtractHelps slough off dead skin cellsActive1Aloe Vera Leaf ExtractHumectant/Skin conditioning agent Active1-3 (depends on usage)PropanediolSolvent/Viscosity decreasing agentNon-Active2Mandelic AcidAntimicrobialActive1Succinic AcidBuffering/Masking agentActive1-2 (depends on usage)Tartaric AcidFragrance ingredient/PH adjuster/Buffering/Masking agentActive1GlycerinHumectant/SolventActive1-2 (depends on usage)GluconolactoneFragrance ingredient/Humectant/SolventActive1HoneyHumectant/Emollient/Moisturizing agentActive1Lactobionic AcidPH adjuster/Buffering agentActive1Cocamidopropyl DimethylamineSurfactant Non-Active2-5 (depends on usage)Salicylic AcidExfoliating/Anti-inflammatory agent Active1-3(depends on usage)Polysorbate 80Emulsifying/Surfactant/CleansingActive3PhenoxyethanolPreservative Non-Active4EthylhexylglycerinPreservativeNon-Active2Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed OilAntioxidant/EmollientActive2Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit OilSkin conditioning agentActive1Sodium BenzoatePreservative/Masking agentNon-Active1-3 (depends on usage)Potassium SorbateFragrance ingredient/Masking agentNon-Active2Natural BetaineHumectant/Moisturizing/Conditioning AgentActive1Lactic AcidExfoliant/Moisturizer/HumectantActive1-4 (depends on usage)Xanthan GumViscosity controlling/Emulsion stabilizingNon-Active1Dl-PanthenolConditioning agentActive1Sodium GluconatePH Regulator/HumectantActive1

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